LAIT911 – 501(c)3 Non-profit


KEEPING COMMUNITIES INFORMED IN DISASTER Johnathan created the earliest version of what's known as LAIT911 today in early 2021 - looking for a way to collate data on the major, destructive incidents that occur each day and greatly impact our public safety. With massive public interest in his research, Johnathan began to open [...]

iCarCover Rain Machine


While working for a popular car cover brand, iCarCover - our marketing team continued to struggle to find a way to show the durability, and effectiveness of the car covers that their selling. The #1 reason people buy car covers - Rain & Snow. But being that it hardly rains in Southern California, it [...]

A Mock-Mockumentary


A mockumentary of a mockumentary This was by far one of the most involved, exciting, and overall fun projects that we've worked on that express our creative side. The FitTech Hosting staff needed a release after finishing up a long winter-season of involved projects. The one thing that got us through the long [...]

Downtown Public WiFi


[Waukesha, WI] - FitTech Hosting, the Downtown Waukesha marketing firm, is providing free high-speed internet access to help those affected by COVID-19. It allows people to get connected at a safe social distance while libraries and schools are closed. "All this time spent indoors has allowed us plenty of creative brainstorming time, and together [...]

Sussex Fresh Farmers Market


On June 28th, 2020, a now-deleted Facebook post stated that the local community attraction, the Sussex Farmers Market, no longer exists. The reasoning? No one knows. The group behind the market? Disappeared. Any evidence of the previous market taking place? Deleted by past management... Quite a strange combination of events, which lead our Agency Director, Johnathan Martin [...]

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