Project Description

A mockumentary of a mockumentary

This was by far one of the most involved, exciting, and overall fun projects that we’ve worked on that express our creative side. The FitTech Hosting staff needed a release after finishing up a long winter-season of involved projects. The one thing that got us through the long nights of overtime, was the hit mockumentary The Office – a “sitcom television series that depicts the everyday work lives of office employees“. We decided to put our team back to work in a “productive”, creativity-boosting project, by creating a parody of this scene, showing what a day in the life of a FH employee looks like.

This project took a little under 3-days with the planning, execution, and post-production, and it was an instant hit between our staff, clients, and of course our friends and family got quite the laugh out of it as well.

behind the scenes

Slack chat

Picking up the team, in style

Taking doors off the jeep

Disassembling the jeep – don’t tell Hertz.

Taking doors off the jeep

an 80° day, sweating our asses off


Strategy planning

Video Sketches

gRAphic DeSigN Is My passIoN

Picture of the FitTech Crew

They’re still a bit startled from a corner I took too fast – I didn’t flip it though.

Permits? Too much work.

Legal team said yes

Quoting The Office

Skrt Skrt

Director at work

a classic we couldn’t ignore