Project Description

[Waukesha, WI] – FitTech Hosting, the Downtown Waukesha marketing firm, is providing free high-speed internet access to help those affected by COVID-19. It allows people to get connected at a safe social distance while libraries and schools are closed.

“All this time spent indoors has allowed us plenty of creative brainstorming time, and together with my team (following social distancing rules, of course), we spent some time building towers on the rooftop of our Downtown Office building that allows for high-speed wireless internet access from the comfort of your car.” shared Johnathan Martin, Agency Director of FitTech Hosting.

The goal is to keep people connected with their family members during this crisis. Johnathan shared that the process to connect is extremely simple. “Just park in the Municipal Parking Ramp on South St in Downtown Waukesha, [which offers free 2-hr parking or $3 daily rates] and park on the rooftop towards the east-side, and connect to the network that says “FitTech Hosting Free WiFi.

FitTech Hosting is a creative marketing firm that helps small businesses grow to their full potential. They are also focused on giving back to the community around them. “FitTech Hosting is happy to provide any resources that we’re able to during this time not only to our clients but to our very supportive Waukesha community,” added Johnathan.