Project Description

While working for a popular car cover brand, iCarCover – our marketing team continued to struggle to find a way to show the durability, and effectiveness of the car covers that their selling. The #1 reason people buy car covers – Rain & Snow. But being that it hardly rains in Southern California, it proved difficult to showcase the weather resistance of our products. Up until this point, our leading idea was to travel to Wisconsin, collaborate with my recently departed FitTech family, and wait until our next inevitable snowstorm.

This idea came with a few logistical issues mainly relating to both lacking budget and limited time. Aiming for something a bit more feasible, armed with nothing but a notepad, limited budget, and the cargo storing ability of a Mazda Miata – I worked tirelessly in the iCC warehouse on building a realistically simulated rain machine, of dimensions that were wide and large enough that a car can be parked under while maintaining a clean camera angle.

While this may have seemed like a simple project, there were quite a few moving parts (Issue #1, 😆) but in all seriousness, the rain machine we shot with was at least version 3 or 4 by the time we got there – my time was spent figuring out balance and counterweights, from structural integrity and water pressure.

But all it took was a little bit of trial and error, and our faux rain machine worked flawlessly, proving its worth, and demonstrating that our car covers can take whatever “nature” throws at it.