Project Description


Johnathan created the earliest version of what’s known as LAIT911 today in early 2021 – looking for a way to collate data on the major, destructive incidents that occur each day and greatly impact our public safety. With massive public interest in his research, Johnathan began to open his data to the public, offering it via a custom-built web application. As interest grew, he realized that the data at hand can serve a great humanitarian purpose of keeping communities informed in disaster.

LAIT911’s core offering is the ability to receive alerts for major incidents, such as wildfires, to your mobile device at no cost. The LAIT911 system ties directly into local area 911 dispatch feeds for real-time incident alerting, allowing impacted individuals the most time to take appropriate action. LAIT911 is the fastest and most advanced emergency notification system that exists to this day.

In addition to mobile notifications, users can browse the online dashboard of incidents. The integrated web portal combines multiple data sources to provide the public with pertinent information and updates on events that may impact community safety. This dashboard also allows users to access additional information on incidents, including pertinent public safety updates, and view the vast archive of past incidents.

Today, LAIT911 is a registered non-profit that provides educational resources to the public through community outreach, bringing awareness to the causes of and teaching how to mitigate the risk, impact, and threat of wildfires, home fires, and other natural disasters – along with providing rehabilitation resources through established partnerships for those currently or likely to be affected by a natural disaster.

Johnathan continues to serve on the Board of Directors and as the charity’s Director of Operations, donating his time and continuing to further the reach of LAIT911’s resources.